The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club


On this page you can buy Red Dwarf products through via our Amazon site or prints through Soon, you will be able to buy our excusive fan club merchandise through our own online shop.

Dimension Jump T-Shirts

We've set up a shop on CafePress so that you can buy your t-shirt now and wear it along to DJ. Of course we will still have a selection of standard t-shirts for sale at the weekend but this way we are able to offer a wider variety of clothing.

So, if you fancy a skinny t-shirt, maternity and kiddies clothing or even a t-shirt for man's best friend then our CafePress store is the place to go. Click on over and see what we have on offer.

The Official Red Dwarf Shop

Official Red Dwarf Shop Link

Fan Club Merchandise

Fan Club merchandise will be available to buy online here soon.

This will include: T-shirts, Mugs, Wallets, Bookmarks, Coasters, BTL Back issues and much more.